TOEFL ITP ist der papierbasierte Test, den wir vor Ort durchfühen können (Paper-based TOEFL Test)

TOEFL pbt ab 550 Punkte (bis 677 möglich)

Measuring English-language proficiency just got easier

Get a quality snapshot of your students‘ English-language proficiency

Designed by the creators of the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the TOEFL ITP tests provide you with a quick way to make decisions regarding student proficiency or to evaluate the quality of your English-language learning programs.

Composed of previously administered TOEFL questions, the TOEFL ITP paper-and-pencil tests:

  •  Are 100 % academic
  • Measure nonnative English speakers‘ skills
    (Listening comprehension, structure and written expression, an reading comprehension)
  • Evaluate two proficiency levels
    -Level 1 – intermediate to advanced
    -Level 2 – high beginning to intermediate
  •  Are scored locally

           English-language program success

  • TOEFL ITP fills the need for universities, English-language schools, training institutes and other organizations to administer TOEFL-quality English assessments for these purposes:
    – Student placement
    – Student progress
    – Program evaluation
    – Fulfilling a language requirement
    – Faculty or staff proviciency

TOEFL ITP is not used for the same purposes as the official TOEFL test, and scores should NOT be sent to other institutions.